//BUILD/ 2014 – Latest news about Kinect for Windows v2

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//BUILD/ 2014 – Introduction to Kinect, releasing this summer and support for Unity & Windows Store apps | Kinecting for Windows.

Here is a small summary of BUILD 2014:

Develop Windows Store apps with Kinect for Windows!

The biggest announcement was that you will be able to develop Windows Store apps that are using Kinect for Windows! You can do this with your favorite set of tools, f.e. XAML & C#.

Unfortunately you will not be able to target RT devices, this is because the app still requires the Kinect drivers & runtime to be installed on the device. Next to that the RT tablets lack the CPU/GPU bandwidth that is required. Keep in mind that you will have to check this when you are starting your app to maintain a nice user experience.

At BUILD they also announced the universal apps that you can build for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Xbox One. This is not possible at the moment for Kinect for Windows, only desktop and Windows Store apps!

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Introducting Unity support

On top of the currently supported tools you are now also able to develop Unity applications for the desktop or Windows Store apps by using a Unity-plugin!

By doing this the growing huge Unity community is joining the Kinect family since there are a lot of developers in the program creating awesome stuff like virtual worlds!

Unity logo

//BUILD/ Sessions

Kinect 101 – Introduction to Kinect for Windows

Chris White gave an introduction session on Kinect for Windows talking about the capabilities of the sensor & what the hardware offers. Next to that he gave the audience an idea about what applications are currently in use and how they are built. Last but not least he gave some demos & comparison with the two generations and points out the differences between them!

You can watch his session here.

Bringing Kinect into Your Windows Store App

The second Kinect for Windows session on //build/ was Kevin Kennedy on how you can build Windows Store apps that are using the Kinect for Windows!

He starts off with a quick introduction to Kinect with a high level overview of the architecture where after he explains how the Kinect methodology works. In the coding demos he creates a Windows Store app that illustrates the infrared stream and map the HandLeft-joint on it by using the BodyStream!

Very nice introduction to Windows Store apps and well explained!
This session is available on-demand here.

Start coding this summer!

They also announced that Kinect for Windows Gen. II will be general available this summer!
Though they did not announce in what countries and what the price will be but hold on tight!

Last week they also revealed the sexy looks of the sensor, read my previous post!

The release is coming closer and I’m looking forward to see what you guys build with it!

Getting Started & Addition information

Want to get started? Feel free to read some of my introduction posts –

  • Create your own Kinect Television with Gen. I Kinect for windows here!
  • Read my introduction to the Kinect for Windows Gen. II streamshere
  • Read how I started developing an application to control my AR Drone here

Here is some additional information –

  • Read the official statement – Windows Store app development is coming to K4W (post)
  • Read the official statement – BUILDing business with Kinect for Windows v2 (post)
  • Download the Kinect for Windows Gen. I SDK (link)
  • Download the Kinect for Windows Gen. I Toolkit (link)
  • Download the Human Interface Guidelines (link)

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